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I declare that I agree with the following purposes of the organization:
1. To conserve heritage varieties and traditional agricultural knowledge and to restore landrace varieties into contemporary agricultural practice in ways that benefit the traditional farmers.
2. To develop plant varieties adapted to local organic production which utilize the benefits of locally adapted genetic resources for ecological agriculture.
3. To exchange of propagation material among members as well as useful information, experiences and traditional knowledge.
4. To boost the role of ecological agriculture both in maintaining agro biodiversity and in preserving and securing the agricultural profession itself.
5. To strengthen the role of the farmers in the conservation of genetic resources as well as to protect their rights in taking part in the management and benefits of agrobiodiversity.

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AEGILOPS is an non for profit organization in which can freely participate organic farmers, individuals, groups or scientists who agree with the organizations’ aims. The organization relies on the financial and voluntary contribution of members and friends to meet its needs.

As members of AEGILOPS you can:
- access information and educational material from seed schools or any relevant training and research project
- obtain traditional seed varieties for trial and experimentation free of charge
- participate to evaluation, conservation and restoration of heritage varieties for organic farming
- contribute to our struggle for a qualitative agriculture of food using seeds of freedom!

How can I become a member of the AEGILOPS Network?
Members of the AEGILOPS Network can be individuals, groups and organizations who agree with the purposes of the organization, using the membership application form above.
The members of the network can be either partners (who participate to the Annual Sowing Programs for restoration of traditional varieties), or friends (supporters).
All members pay an annual membership fee of 10 Euros and have access to available seed of traditional varieties for testing and experimentation. These seeds can be obtained by AEGILOPS’ Focal Points,regionally, and during events where seed exchanges and donations are occurring.

Annual membership fees or donations can be transferred to :

IBAN: GR 64 0110 7810 0000 7814 8010 917
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 781 / 480109-17

or via PayPal from our website.

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