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AEGILOPS - Network for Biodiversity and Ecology in Greece
Headquarters - Mailing address: Ano Lechonia, 373 00 AGRIA VOLOS
Tel. & Fax: 2428094558
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AEGILOPS Network for Biodiversity and Ecology in Agriculture, founded in 2004, is

a network of ecofarmers in Greece, having as its main activities, in on the one hand, the

conservation of heritage varieties/traditional agricultural knowledge and on the other

hand, the reintroduction of these varieties into everyday agricultural practice (on farm

conservation). Among the main targets of AEGILOPS is also to upgrade the farmers’ role

on in the preservation of biodiversity in their agroecosystems as well as to support their

rights to take part in the management and share the benefits of agrobiodiversity.

Aegilops is developing Focal Points in various regions of the country and provides

the communities with training for the characterization and evaluation work on local

varieties of vegetables, legumes and grains.

Our organisation's goals are:
1. To conserve heritage varieties and traditional agricultural knowledege and to restore lanrace varieties into contemporary agricultural practice in ways that benefit community
2. To develop plat varieits adapted to local organic production which utiliza the benefits of locally adapted genetic resources for ecological agriculture
3. To strengthen the role of the farmers in the conservation of genetic resources as well as to protect their rights tin takingpart in the management and benefits of agobiodiversity
Τhe focus of our mission is ...
the preservation - recultivation of local varieties / heritage crops and the development of varieties and seeds adapted to local conditions and organic farming.
These are our ongoing Projects...
  • Restoration of local varieties. Wheat consists the main part of seed collection which includes also other cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruit varieties.
  • Organic breeding. A number of bread and hard wheat varieties have been evaluated, selected and regenerated to be reintroduced to organic farming, under participatory procedurs since 2004.
  • Seeds of Liberty. Strengthening the local seed supply system to ensure seed security and food self-sufficiency at community level. Efforts are aiming to establish seed conservancies and nurseries organized by and accesible to peasants in various regions of the country.
  • Seed schools. Enhancing farming ability and capacity to utiliza and manage agrobiodiversity by training and exprience exchange.
  • Campaigns. The recent economic and climate change crisis revealed the vital role of agrobiodiversity for sovereignty and food security for the world. AEGILOPS takes part in community actions undertaken by farmers and consumers in Greece and worldwide. AEGILOPS is a member of European agro biodiveristy network (Lets Liberate Diversity, SAVE) and a member of the Greek Movement Against GMOs.


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