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Within the Institution of AEGILOPS Seed Schools we issued the publication (in greek) of the first two training manuals in 2016 and a third in 2017 aimed at disseminating knowledge and creating modern, practical information for both the movements of ecological agriculture and biodiversity conservation in Greece. The first manual is dedicated to ancient or hulled wheat, the second to agricultural biodiversity and the third to the heritage vegetable varieties. A fourth manual about soil health and fertility is in press for 2017. The 16 pages information content of the Training Manuals of AEGILOPS’ Seed School is the prior experience and knowledge derived not from literature but from personal experience (scientific and practical of AEGILOP’S network). This knowledge will be updated, improved and continually enriched as the freedom of ideas is guaranteed and also the freedom of farmer’s seed for the benefit of the citizens of the world.
The use of information contained in the Manuals is free as long as the source is acknowledged. (To contact us and receive more information about manuals, please use the electronic address:

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