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Photos and presentations from the Workshop "The present and future of Organic Seeds in Greece and Europe" AGROTICA 2018

The workshop "Present and Future of Organic Seed in Greece and Europe" was organized by AEGILOPS during the 27th AGROTICA (4.2.2018) in the framework of the European Horizon 2020 Program "LIVESEED" (Boosting Organic Seed and Organic Breeding in Europe).

The purpose of the event was to investigate the possibilities of improving the use of organic seed and the possibilities of organic breeding in order to increase the availability of varieties adapted to the conditions of organic farming.

The conference, attended by representatives of organic farmers, seed producers, certification bodies, universities and agronomists dealing with organic farming and organic breeding, as well as representatives of IFOAM Eu and LIVESEED partners in Europe, investigated the obstacles, legal and institutional, for the development of organic seed and the potentials of Greek Varieties (traditional and improved) and organic breeding.




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