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Local varieties are indispensable and imperative to return to daily farming practices and to daily dietary habits of people.

The main reason is that products of local varieites are delicious, have special qualities and are an integral part of our agricultural culture in the long run, as well as the food culture of our people. In addition, they are a response to genetic erosion and climate change and because of their adaptability to the soil-climate characters of each site - a powerful tool to move from conventional energy-intensive agriculture to sustainable, ecological farming.

Participatory processes within the AIGILOPA network maintain traditional varieties of cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants and select the most suitable for organic farming.

Today, the Producers Group of AIGILOPA produces a wide variety of quality products from traditional varieties, selections and seeds of farmers throughout Greece.


The video below is dedicated to Aridaia region and to the traditional variety of sweet pepper called Mpaxobitiki or Karatzova.


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