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The restaurant CHONTRO BIZELI at Volos, and the non-profit organization AEGILOPS organized on Saturday, December 16, 2017, a Day of Traditional Organic Flavors, to memorize and get flavors of traditional varietis through modern cooking.

The menu, which was prepared by Chef Nena Ismirnoglou with the help of Chef Evdokimos Ismirnoglou, included organic products of the AEGILOPS network of traditional wheat varieties such as Lemnos, Skliropetra and Kaploutzas, vegetables (pepper Bakhovo, cabbage Epanomis,small tomato Chios), bean Papouda of Almopia , sesame, honey and local olive oil, in tasty combinations with pigs from the Prespa area and local goat.This menu can be an alternative suggestion for our Christmas table with a lot of nice vegetarian dishes.

The event took place in an attempt to create a bridge between producers and consumers through products combining organic production, local varieties and traditional crops and the collective effort from seed to our table.The unique culinary experiences have been shared with us by organic farmers, homeopathic doctors and child psychiatrists, journalists, restaurateurs, owners of organic and traditional products stores and consumer representatives in Magnesia.

The restaurant has been open all day to its customers with this menu and the same prices as always, so that the audience of Volos can enjoy this tasteful originality and festivity for the first time and certainly not last time for our city.For more information on the traditional varieties and products of AEGILOPS producers, visit the websites of AEGILOP:, well as facebook: aegilops


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